Very Nice Python Games

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Old programs, absolutely disgusting:

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An Actual Guide to Playing my Nice Python Games

 Method One: Ctrl-C (for the dummies)

Step 1: Copy the .py

Go to this url and after clicking on the file of the game you'd like to play copy the python file.

Step 2: Open the Python IDLE

(The big white window with the orange arrows)

Step 3: Make a new file and paste

Under File, click New. The default Text Editor will appear. Ctrl-V, Ctrl-S.

Step 4: Run

Press F5.

 Method Two: Git Clone (cmd because bash is for nerds)

Step 0: Download .git

Go to this url and after picking your operating system, download. Remember to say yes to adding to path.

Step 1: Cloning the repository

After downloading git, open command prompt (just enter 'cmd' in run: ⊞ Win  +  R ). You might need to make a username or password. They will guide you along the way.
You clone the repo by first changing your directory to whichever youd like the clone to be in and typing in the command 'git clone' (without the quotes of course). It will create a folder named python filled with all the games.

Step 2: Run

Right Click the game you'd like to play and press 'Edit with' and choose your python IDLE. Then click F5. Of course, you can also run these programs in cmd or just by double clicking it.